Black Ceramic Diffuser

Black Ceramic Diffuser

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The merak & co Black Ceramic aroma Diffuser mists beautiful essential oils throughout your home whilst making a simple, chic decor statement. 

Simply add merak & co essential oils to your ceramic diffuser to customise the scent to suit your mood or create a new one. 

How to use: 
- Remove the ceramic cover and plastic cap.
 Fill up the water reservoir to the fill line.
- Add 20-25 drops of essential oil
- Pop the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on. 
- Plug in and select your desired setting. 

- LED light with two soft brightness levels.
- Two settings: Mode 1 mists continually for 4hours. Mode 2 mists in 30 seconds intervals for 8hours.
- Automatically turns off.
- Capacity 120ml
- Size D90 x H188mm