Folk is a place to re-connect with yourself in a mind, body and spirit sort of way, its the kind of place where you walk through the door and let out a little sigh, the calm, tranquil and soothing environment encourages you to just 'be' for a moment, and quite literally smell the roses. 

With a world that is fast paced and quite often loud, Folk is a place where you will find that little piece of quiet & calm. 

Life can throw a lot at us and challenge us in different ways, some might be on a journey to find health, others love or friendship, some might be looking for a meaningful career, financial abundance, a happy home or family (sometimes all of the above!) It's easy to feel overwhelmed, and sometimes to feel like your not where you are supposed to be. From experience I have learned that the best way to re-connect with myself is through nature, by simply taking a walk on the beach, through the woods, walking along a river bank or anywhere with an abundance of flowing water.

That's what I was hoping to create with Folk- a sanctuary inspired by all things nature, a place to take a little time out to make you feel like 'you' again. Whether that's a little pampering with a manicure or a bit of retail therapy I have found that products such as pure essential oils can make me feel calm or uplifted, that reading about the healing properties of herbs and the ritual of drinking herbal blended brews adds a sprinkle of magic to my day and burning beautiful incense or a candle ignites a little spark inside, and in essence, that is the purpose of Folk- to re-ignite the spark. Because that little spark inside is MAGIC and with it you have the power to be or do anything. 

On the ground floor you will find a carefully curated lifestyle store offering a range of accessories, jewellery, homewares, clothes and gifts.