Mara Luna Hala Candle

Mara Luna Hala Candle

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Hala translates to ‘The aura of light around the moon’. Inspired by this meaning, Hala has been mindfully made to uplift, bring positivity into your life and create a light and airy atmosphere. 



Hala releases a refreshing trail of lemongrass tones complimented by the spicy and warming aroma’s of ginger and cardamon.



Citrine crystal - The citrine crystal has said to bring prosperity, positivity and a vibrant uplifting energy into your space. All crystals have been cleansed with sage and charged under a full moon.



“The universe surrounds me with love and light” - An uplifting affirmation reminding you that the universe always has your back. You can recite this mantra whilst meditating or simply remind yourself of it every time you light your candle.


The ritual: 

Light your candle and hold your crystal in your hand or keep it nearby. Whilst closing your eyes inhale the aroma of your candle and recite your mantra repeatedly for a duration of time. This can be done for as long or short as you want, go with the flow and allow yourself be intune with your mind, body and soul. This works as a mediation practice or can be used as a way to ground yourself if feeling overwhelmed.


What’s included:

  • Lemongrass, ginger and cardamon soy wax candle (up to 30 hours burning time).
  • Ethically sourced citrine crystal.
  • Mara Luna jute bag which can be used to protect candle from dust.
  • A candle and ritual guide.